Thursday, March 26, 2009

11 Months Old

Happy 11 month birthday to my sweet little man. We miss you so much and want you home so bad. Your pictures that we received last week were adorable. I just loved the way you smiled for the camera.
Well another month has passed and we know nothing as to when he will be home or if he will ever be home. Tom and I have separated ourselves completely from the situation lately. This adoption has consumed so much of our life lately that we just had to step back and focus on our life now with Lindze. We are still discussing what we will do if this country decides to stop adoptions. I e-mailed J. recently about this possibly happening and for the first time since we started this process she did not try to defend them and say that adoptions would not stop. Rumor has it that we will hear more regarding the future of adoptions some time next week after a big meeting. J. is out of town for a while so we will not hear any news from her until she comes back. I just want to know "yes or no" so Tom and I can deal with it and we don't have to keep up this "wait until this or wait until that" that we have dealt with for the last long 6 months.
Happy Birthday again Little Man. Mommy, daddy and sister love and miss you!!