Sunday, January 6, 2013

Catching up

  So I got behind on blogging due to laziness, the holidays, fighting kids or some other random excuse. I figure with me starting back to work next week I may not be back here for a while.
  Christmas was great celebrating with 3 kiddos and me and Tom both being off. The kids got far far too many gifts but they loved them nonetheless. Dane's favorite gift was the wrapping paper his gifts came in. He basically played with it much of the day. Oh well maybe next year he will actually enjoy the gift:)
                                                                 Christmas morning
                                          Dane wearing his 12 month my first Christmas shirt

  Dane went to his occupational therapy appointment and saw the international adoption doctor and they stuck my boy many times that day. He was NOT a happy camper.  So far most of his lab work has been negative or normal and we will be repeating a few of them in a few months to see if they are back to normal.  We are now going to be seeing an eye doctor, a hearing doctor, and a feeding evaluation will be done as well. We start physical therapy this week to see if we can get my little man walking someday soon. We got some positive feedback from his doctor and we are left with a few wait and sees. She would like to see if all the therapies help him before we go into anything invasive right now.  I have complete faith that we will not have to go that far. My little Dane just needs to be put to work to get them legs up and moving.
   Anyway I have enjoyed being off with my babies and am going to miss them when I go back to work.   They all fight like cats and dogs but they still love each other. Sometimes I see Dane and Gabe play together and I know one day they are going to be best buds. Lindze chooses the day as to who she wants to deal with between her two brothers. Oh the life of an almost 9 year old girl.  I love my hubby and my kids and life is pretty great right now:)
                                                         My very beautiful daughter
                                                         Dane so does not trust Gabe
                                                       Naked brothers playing together:)