Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Long Time and Decisions

So I'm a bad blogger I know. I am putting this out here because I need to put it somewhere. Our boy is still in Kyrgyzstan and the sweet person who was going to try to adopt him is unable to now. I have spoken with Jackie and told her I am realistic in my expectations of Kyrgyzstan and I know there is a chance that they will never reopen adoptions in that country or it may be years before they do. Anyway right now he has no one fighting to bring him home and he is there with no clue that someone here loves him so much. So we have decided to enter back into the program and try to get him home to the mom and dad who never forgot him. Jackie said since nothing has happened in the year since we left it is just a matter of updating paperwork which we are not going to do until we see a sign that something is going to happen.
The difference between a year ago and today is when Gabe, our sweet miracle, came home, he came to us when things were so desolate because fighting for Alek was just too much mentally and physically and was seriously taking its toll on me. Now I am the happiest because I feel like things in my family are complete. We have our boy and our girl and I could not be happier but then I think that yes things are great but wow wouldn't things be even greater if we could be blessed with Alek in our home as well. I have missed him so much and thought of him often in the past year. I never have stopped loving him. I held him when he was 3 months old and I still remember him holding my finger and looking at me.
So there you go... We are back in it and we have no expectations because expectations bring forth pain so we will ride this roller coaster and pray everyday that he stays safe and that this country will develop a heart enough to do something soon.