Monday, October 29, 2012


Can it be true? We are actually going to China in 16 days and we will be getting our sweet peanut on November 19th. By God's grace and love we are almost at the end of our adoption journey. As of right now we fly out on November 14th and then fly home December 1st. We are flying Korean airlines which is great because when we went to Kyrgyzstan we were in pure misery so everyone is excited about our "good" flights. We are excited about everything!!  So now begins the panicked packing and making tons of arrangements for leaving Gabe with my brother and sis in law. I have decided the worse part that I am facing now is leaving Gabe.  I have seen that little squirt every day since we brought him home at 6 weeks old. I would gladly give up much sleep to see my babies everyday and get that kiss, hug and "I love you momma". Hopefully between Skype and Facetime I can talk and see him face to face much!!
  So keep the prayers coming that everything is smooth sailing and we get our boy with no issues. Also please pray for Dane as we are about to take him away from the only family he has only known since he was one month old.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


So Friday out of nowhere we got travel approval to bring our little peanut home. Excited is not the word. Extremely surprised is a good word. I truly didn't think we would hear anything until this week. Thank you God for allowing us to finally go get our boy. We are now waiting for a consulate appointment and then we will know when we are leaving. We are aiming on leaving November 14th but it just depends on if we can get an appointment. Hopefully sometime today or tomorrow we will hear something. Now let the chaos of packing and preparing begin....

Friday, October 26, 2012


That about sums it up. Nada... Nothing... No news.  I swear waiting for LOA was easy compared to waiting for TA. Oh well... Maybe next week.....

Monday, October 22, 2012

Almost a week

So we have waited close to a week for travel approval and I'm not optimistic that it will come quick. Unfortunately consulate appointments are running out for November so after all this time we are probably going to be stuck with traveling in December. There are a lot of us waiting so I'm not sure when in December. This sort of stinks considering we got our LOA on July 30th. The cost of flights are going to be astronomically expensive so Christmas is going to be pretty pitiful this year but as long as Peanut is here, I can deal with it. Keep praying that we hear something soon.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And now we wait

Today our article 5 was picked up and sent to the CCCWA in Beijing. We now will be waiting 2-4 weeks for our travel approval and of course I'm praying for 2 weeks so we can get peanut over the week of Thanksgiving.   I think we have just about everything bought for him that we really need. I cannot wait to get my arms around that sweet boy. I'm in love every time I see a picture of him. His big brother talks about him all the time and has been telling everyone at mothers day out about his baby brother. I think daddy is actually getting excited about finally getting him home. He has been out shopping for stuff for him by himself and actively participated in getting him some clothes while we were on vacation. We are so close sweet boy.
Found a few pictures of my sweet boy on facebook that were taken this past winter.  Ain't he cute!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Dream

The other night I had a dream... In my dream I came home from work to the sound of kids laughing. I went to the toy room to see what was going on and was greeted with sweet smiles from my Lulu, my wild man Gabe, my peanut Dane and my little man Alek Manas. I was thinking to myself how lucky I was to have these kids and I couldn't believe that I ended up with all of them. They all jumped up and gave me a hug and told me how much they loved me and missed me while I was at work. I felt so blessed...
And then I woke up.... I went upstairs to Lulu's room and blew her kisses. I then went to Gabe's room and kissed him on the cheek and tucked him in because he always knocks his blankets off. I then went back downstairs and sent far away hugs and kisses to my little peanut that I hope and pray I will see soon.  I then went back to bed and sent a secret kiss to my little lost boy who will always have a special place in my heart.  I am still so blessed.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Brief Update

So not much new on the adoption front.  Beth at CCAI and I have talked today. I should have Article 5 pickup on October 16. She said my paperwork would be sent to Beijing and at that point I wait for my TA (travel approval).   TA's are taking 2-4 weeks at the present time. She said if it took 2 weeks then they would try to get my a consulate appointment for the week of Thanksgiving.  She said if it took 4 weeks then we would probably be looking at December travel. Please pray that we are in the 2 week range so we can be in China while Lindze is out of school the week of Thanksgiving and we can get our little peanut before he turns 21 months.  Most everyone that got their LOA's at the same time or close to our timeframe are traveling now so it kills me that we are so behind in bringing him home. That is all I know for now. We are back from vacation so it is back to the night shift grind starting Saturday night:( Keep the prayers coming!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No more updates

So I've spoken to Pam at CCAI today and asked if we would get anymore updates on Dane before we actually go get him and she said no.  I have to admit that stinks because between our LOA and our maybe actual travel dates, almost 4 months will have passed.  Has he grown? Will the clothes we carry actually fit him?  So many questions....   Now we just have to pray we actually travel in November....