Friday, October 5, 2012

Brief Update

So not much new on the adoption front.  Beth at CCAI and I have talked today. I should have Article 5 pickup on October 16. She said my paperwork would be sent to Beijing and at that point I wait for my TA (travel approval).   TA's are taking 2-4 weeks at the present time. She said if it took 2 weeks then they would try to get my a consulate appointment for the week of Thanksgiving.  She said if it took 4 weeks then we would probably be looking at December travel. Please pray that we are in the 2 week range so we can be in China while Lindze is out of school the week of Thanksgiving and we can get our little peanut before he turns 21 months.  Most everyone that got their LOA's at the same time or close to our timeframe are traveling now so it kills me that we are so behind in bringing him home. That is all I know for now. We are back from vacation so it is back to the night shift grind starting Saturday night:( Keep the prayers coming!!!!

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