Monday, October 22, 2012

Almost a week

So we have waited close to a week for travel approval and I'm not optimistic that it will come quick. Unfortunately consulate appointments are running out for November so after all this time we are probably going to be stuck with traveling in December. There are a lot of us waiting so I'm not sure when in December. This sort of stinks considering we got our LOA on July 30th. The cost of flights are going to be astronomically expensive so Christmas is going to be pretty pitiful this year but as long as Peanut is here, I can deal with it. Keep praying that we hear something soon.

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Jen said...

Hey Tia, Another family with CCAI got their TA last Weds (10/17) and got a CA for Nov 8th, so it sounds like they are not too booked up for November. We are hoping for TA this week with a CA sometime Thanksgiving week. This waiting is terrible, I know, especially for you with your delays. There is still a strong possibility of Nov travel for you! Don't give up hope! : )