Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where our hearts are being led

So I am the worse blogger ever but I swear I will do better. An update on our life is that we have said good-bye to Kyrgzystan in the last few weeks. We had been praying (and crying) about what we should do for quite a while. I had been having many doubts about continuing with Kyrgzystan but I was so heavy hearted about what would become of Manas. We just did not have the immediate funds nor the time to make multiple trips to that country and my faith in the program had faltered. A lot of the Kyrgyz 65 had been losing their children to unexpected domestic adoptions within Kyrgyzstan and they were sort of stuck in limbo on whether to continue pursuing another referral or leave the program altogether. I with a very heavy heart asked one of the families if they were still interested in a Kyrgyzstan adoption and if they would be willing to try to adopt Manas. The next day I received an e-mail that yes they would absolutely attempt to adopt Manas and give him a home and family. I could not stop the tears from flowing. These were not tears of heartache but tears of joy that one day the boy I have have loved since I received his referral picture in May 2008 would still be coming home to a loving family. I could not have asked for a better family for him and I owe them my heart for this. I still grieve for him but I know when I see him one day in his mom and dads arms, I feel my heart will heal.
So now that Tom and made the decision to leave Kyrgyzstan, we were faced with what next as we still wanted to have 3 children in our home to love and raise. We decided after much discussion that we would go back to where our family started 7 years ago....China. This country has a smooth but very strict adoption program but we are doing it nonetheless. We have signed with our agency and are in the beginning stages of our paperwork journey. We have decided that the waiting child program is our route because these kids need a home too no matter what their special need is. Tom and I know that we can do this and feel this is where God has been ultimately leading us for a while. It is in his hands at this point and I'm just following his lead.
So all I ask is that you pray for Manas and his new family and that they can get him home one day very soon. I also ask that you keep our new little one in your prayers until he or she is home with us.