Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back to Normal

We have been home for a couple of days and it has been great to be home but I miss Little Man so bad it hurts. The trip home was more than miserable. I ended up with a wonderful stomache virus on the first flight home which continued into the rest of the trip. We missed our connecting flight in London and I started wigging out that I could not miss seeing Lindze. Luckily our airline was able to get us on a later flight to Chicago then to Nashville so we got home 4 hours later than scheduled. Lindze was there at the airport to meet us and her smile was such a ray of sunshine after leaving Little Man behind.
We have settled back into our normal routine. Tom has gone back to work and I go back Friday night so I have a little more time to get over the trip. There are all kinds of rumors swirling regarding this new committee in Bishkek so I am not on the positive side that we will be going back for our return trip anytime soon. He turned 3 months on our last day there and I am sure I am going to miss his next few months. He cried on our last day when we were leaving and I just feel like he knew we were leaving him. I am sure he does not get held for 2-3 hours straight like we held him when we were there. I just hope and pray that he is getting good care while we are gone and that we see him very soon!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Things I Miss

Everyday when we go out I think of all of the things I have been missing since we have been here. Here are just a few-
1. Lindze
2. Molly
3. Family and friends
4. My own Home
5. Seatbelts
6. Cinnamon dolce Latte from Starbucks
7. Having a converstion in Engish with someone other than Tom
8. american TV
9. My iphone(I cannot believe how naked I have felt without it)
10. Brushing my teeth with actual tap water
11. Foods we can pronounce
12. did I mention Lindze
13. Nana and PawPaw's bacon and biscuit
14. Cereal with normal skim milk not goats milk (I am dying for a bowl of raisin bran
15. McDonalds or Dunkin donuts (these are faves at work)
16. Talking to someone and not having to look at a translator for interpretation
These are just a few. When I come home the only thing I will be missing is Little Man and I will pray everyday that he is getting cared for and loved by someone until his mom and dad come back for him. I ask that everyone iclude him in your prayers until we get to come back for him. We see him for the last time today :( so tonight we will be getting our things together for the big journey home. We head out at 0415 so I hope to see everyone soon. Keep us in your prayers as we travel. Love to Lindze, family and friends. See you soon!!!!!!!!!!

Fun Day #4

Today has been a fun day full of different activities. We started out going to the big department store called "Zoom" where we shopped for items for the kids. One level is like a giant flea market where you go from one area to another hoping to find a better price. We found a very cool handcarved picture with Kyrgyzstan's legendary hero carved in it. Our little man happens to have the legendary heroes name so we picked up several things with his picture on it. We bought Lindze a hand painted doll and a purse. We could have shopped for hours but we did not want to be late for our date with little man.
We got to the orphanage and little man had on 2 outfits, a hat and they made us put a blanket on him in order to take him outside. Poor little hot baby! He was fussy again so we rocked him to sleep and just watched him and he is so cute when he sleeps. They allowed us to feed him again which was a treat. He just watches you as you are feeding him. I really hope he knows how much we love him and how much we are going to miss him when we say good bye tomorrow. I imagine poor mommy is going to have tears again because we have no clue how long before we will see him again.
Tonight we went out to eat with a friend of our adoption agency coordinator from the states. He spoke no Engligh so his assistant who speaks a little English went also. We ate Korean food whereas we had no idea what the menu said so he ordered for us. Poor Tom who hates vegetables and weird plates was forced to eat the unknown in order to not offend. I myself thought it was delicious. A little bit of sushi and many other entrees. He then took us to see the Village of the Kyrgystan Legendary hero so we could take many many pictures. We got to see the mountains of Kyrgyzstan up close and it was a breathtaking experience. Oh and he also got us some traditional Kyrgystan hats which Tom has threatened to kill me if I post a picture of him in his. Quite hilarious!!!!
Well before I sign off for the day I once again want to ask for prayers for my travel buddies as they have had to make a very difficult decision this week. I will not go into any details but please keep them in your prayers.
Kisses and hugs from momma, daddy, and brother to Lulu.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Baby Day 3

Today when we got to the orphanage Little Man was sound asleep in the crib in the front room. They were expecting us and once again poor thing had on 2 outfits but he did not seem to mind. They let us carry him outside to a covered play area where he slept in my arms for another 30 minutes. I did not have the heart to wake him up. When he did wake up he was a little fussy but they had given me a bottle with water in it to give him. He was mostly smiles today. He let his daddy carry him around and it was so sweet. Daddy seems to be getting more comfortable holding him now. After we had played with him for a while they said it was time for his bottle but first they were going to measure him again. They stripped him naked and can you believe he did not cry. Considering how covered up he normally is, he probably considered it a vacation from clothes. Anyway Little Man weighs 11.9 pounds and is 24.4 inches long. This is all according to our translator. He weighed 8.1 and was 20.5 inches when he was born. He is a big boy if I can say so myself. It will be a while before he catches up to his cousin Gavin though. Anyway I gave him back to the nanny but all of a sudden they allowed me to feed him his bottle. I got to feed him today for the first time ever. It was great. They then took him to put him down for another nap. It was a great day of seeing Little Man!!!
We did find out this week through the orphanage director that Little Mans reliquishment is not unlike his big sister. I thank God everyday that he brought Little Man and his big sister into our lives. I also pray for their birthmothers and the decisions they had to make when they gave birth to these children but it is because of this that Tom and I have such a special family. These women will always have a special place in my heart.
I want to ask for special prayers for our traveling buddies Betsy and Bryan as Betsy has very been sick and they have a lot going on.
Lindze, we love you and will see you soon!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Birthdays (early and late)

Just wanted to say Happpy Late Birthday to Corbin! Happy Birthday to Mom! Happy early aniversary to mom and dad. Love you guys and will talk to you again after we have seen Little Man!

Day 2 with Little Man

Can I tell you how hard it is to switch your clock from one time to another. Tom seems to sleep at every opportunity he gets. By the time we get use to it, we will be headed home. It is very hot here and today we got to ride with our facilitator in a car going over 85 miles per hour with no seatbelt and no a/c. It takes an hour to get to the orphanage and the whole time you are riding your life is flashing before your eyes. The way they pass someone is to honk or don't and pull into the center lane and hit the gas and play chicken. A couple of times today I had to catch my breath because I thought we were going to hit the oncoming car. It is kind of like the nascar speedway except NO SEATBELTS!
Well Little Man was a little fussy today and daddy kept passing him to me when he got fussy. We took some outfits for him. We were told they like to keep them covered up so we carried cotton pjs that had footies but we also carried a couple of summer outfits. Well today they had on a long sleeve pj's with the short sleeve underneath. Frankly I would be fussy too if I had on 2 outfits in an 85 degree room with no a/c. He has his own personal nanny and she finally allowed us to take one of his outfits off of him. She also let us give him a bottle with water in it. It was great to get to feed him something for the first time. She said they get hot and have to have extra water. We did manage to get some smiles out of him today. He has the sweetest smile. When I had to put him back in his crib, he just started crying and I so hated to leave him but thankfully his nanny was on her way over to feed him. We got to talk to the orphanage director and through our translator we got more of a medical and family history on him. There are a few minor issues but they say they are "curing him". I hope to get more on him tomorrow and send it on to his doctor in the States so he can evaluate him. He does not have any of the diseases that I have been worried about. I will continue to thank the Lord everyday for this precious miracle that has come into our life. When we come home, Bakyt has assured that he will keep an eye on him and provide for him whatever the orphanage says that he may need.
Well we are suppose to eat with other families so I have to be off. Tomorrow we are going to be taken to see a statue of a legendary Kyrgyzstan hero that Little Man has the same name of. I figured it would be something he would like to see when he got older. After that off to see Little Man again. Keep us in your prayers.
Heather, Give Lindze a big hug and kiss from her momma, daddy and brother.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mom and Dad Meet Little Man

Today I met Baykt and our translator for the first time and we took the big ride to the orphanage. We met the director and then a nanny came out holding the sweetest and most handsome little man who just so happened to be our son. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to hold him for the first time. He never cried the whole time. We got to hold him for a full hour and then I got to rock him to sleep. Tom put his little mobile up in his crib and may I say he is most fascinated with that thing already. His daddy made him smile several times. I think he is laughing at his bald head:) Baykt asked me later on what I thought and all I could say is that God has sent me another miracle. I thought that with Lindze and now I know it with Little Man. He just held my hand every time I held him. He seems to be doing well developmentally and he is not as big as he seemed in our most recent pictures. I cannot wait to go back tomorrow and see and hold him again. I also must say that Tom was a little nervous holding him but he did pretty good. We are taking plenty of pictures and I will show them to family when I get home.
I have heard that my little Lindze is having a great time at her Nana and PawPaw's so that makes me feel better but I miss her dearly and cannot wait to get a big old kiss from my girl. I will deal with leaving Little Man closer to that day but I know it is going to be hard. I just hope I don't get all emotional like I did when Lindze said goodbye.

Monday, July 21, 2008

We're Here!!

Well we made it and let me tell you that flying that much is for the birds. Our flight from Nashville to Dulles was uneventful. Dulles airport obviously forgot to pay their electric bill as we sat and sweat for an hour. We then flew on United to London where Tom got to enjoy a wonderful meal that I have started calling the unknown meal because we still don't know what he was eating. We then had a 6 hour layover in Heathrow that turned into 2 additional hours sitting on the plane waiting for the wonderful food people to stock the plane. Then we had to wait our turn to take off. The only plus of that flight was we got to meet up with our travel buddies Betsy and Bryan. Anyway we were picked up at the airport and now are waiting for a phone call in order to go see Little man. The hotel is okay but we are having a few internet issues and the breakfast buffet has a few unknowns also but it was edible.
Anyway the next time I check in hopefully I can tell you a little bit about little man if we ever make it over there.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Countdown Until We Leave

It is 0215 and I am sitting here looking at the clock and thinking wow in 12 hours from now I will be in the air headed to see Little Man for the first time. Am I excited?? Beyond!! I have kind of had a permanent grin on my face all weekend at work when I think of seeing him. Tom and I still have a little packing to do when we get off from work this am but it is mainly trying to actually close the suitcase and making sure we don't exceed the weight limit set by the airlines.
I am going to try to post as much as we can when we have the time so bear with me. I just ask that everyone keeps us in their prayers during our journey and also keep little man and Lindze in your prayers. Lindze actually so far seems much better than I am. I am going to try to keep it together this morning when we say our goodbyes at least while I am around her. She will be okay once I am off because her Nana and PawPaw and Heather are going to keep her entertained while I am gone.
I will be sure to post and let everyone know that we arrived safely. Take care!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today a prayer was answered. We finally got 2 more pictures of little man and I have to say he is the most handsome little boy I have ever seen. I have been on cloud nine ever since this AM when I got them from Jackie. She is such a lifesaver. I have to say he has grown a ton. He has the fullest cheeks and the prettiest dark hair. Tom and I have decided that he has more hair than Lindze had at a year old. My family is over the moon that we have new pictures right before we leave to see him for the first time. We are having to rethink clothes for him for the trip because he seems to be a pretty good size little boy. I cannot wait to hold him for the first time.
Well the packing is stressing me out because it does not look like we are going to be able to get everything in our 2 checked bags. We are carrying some items to another baby who was just recently born for his parents who will not get to travel for a while. We have decided if we have to pay for another checked bag well so be it. As long as we can help out another baby we will do whatever we have to do.
Well only a few more days and we will finally be holding our son for the first time and I cannot wait. We are suppose to see him for the first time on Tuesday after we get a little nap from our flight. We will see him everyday until we leave on Sunday. We will be able to stay from 1-2 hours depending on the orphanage directors discretion.
TICK TOCK the clock is winding down until we leave!!!!!! Until then I will spend as much time as possible with my other sweetie Lindze.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One More Week

One more week until we are holding Little Man for the first time. I so wonder how much he has changed since he was 2 weeks old. I think that the wait for him has been harder than the less than 2 month wait for Lindze. I knew Lindze was mine as soon as we received her picture. I guess with Lindze and the one trip I knew she was mine and that really nothing could go wrong. I have heard that with Kyrgyzstan a child could be claimed by their family even after we take the first trip. I am not saying that is bad for him but it would be devastating for my family after getting attached to just the picture we have now. I also cannot imagine how big a basket case I am going to be until we go back a second time to bring him home for good.

I am also doing a little freaking out in my head about traveling so far away from Lindze and leaving her for the first time ever. I am just going to pray everyday that she is safe and that we come home to her safely. She seems at the present time to be dealing well with us leaving
her and I hope that lasts until we say goodbye or momma here is going to fall apart too.

Well it looks like there will be some other families in Kyrgyzstan picking up their babies while we are there so hopefully we can get together one night or something. I think they are all staying at different hotels than us.

I need to get back to some fun fun packing now. I just ask that if anyone is reading this that they will pray for us in our travels and pray for little man and for his big sister that we are leaving behind with family.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Got notified by Jackie that my dossier is finally at the Embassy. So we will see how long they are taking to process them. No new updates on Little Man so we will just have to carry all sizes of clothes for him and hope that something fits. Same thing goes for diapers. Just praying that he is healthy and being taken good care of. Looking at his picture just makes the longing worse. The day that I will be holding him is coming up soon.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

2 more weeks

In two more weeks we will be holding little man in our arms for the first time. I just keep watching the calendar until that day. The only hard part is that I will be leaving Lindze for the first time ever since she was placed in our arms in China on January 30, 2005. I have never gone a day without seeing her sweet little face. I don't think it will phase her half as much as it will Tom and I. We have been working on getting webcams on my computer and her grandmothers computer so we can communicate as much as possible. I told her she would be the first one from home to lay eyes on her new little brother. She seems pretty excited. Everynight when she goes to bed she prays her her litle brother. I could not have asked for a more precious daughter. I thank the Lord everyday for her.
A family is returning from Kyrgyzstan tomorrow after picking up their son and I am hoping for some sort of update on how Little Man is doing. If not I guess I will find out soon myself. We have been busy getting stuff for the trip. I work at a hospital and got one of our doctors to write some scripts for us for the trip. I always worry about getting something when I am out of the country. In China they told us to put a washcloth over the faucet in the sink so we would not forget to brush our teeth with bottled water. Nothing would be worse than getting some stomache ailment while trying to enjoy our son for the first time. We can only hope for the best.
Well the countdown continues until we leave!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Few Pictures

Here are a few pictures of Little Man's crib. I added one with Lindze because she was styling in her new nightgown. I also have been shopping for outfits so here are just a few that we have. I cannot wait until I can post Little Man's picture for all to see.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Little Man's room is almost ready!!

It has taken me forever but his room is almost done. I have managed to organize all of Lindzes clothes in order to make room for all of Little Man's stuff. His crib is completely done and my mother in law is working on his valance. Tom and I have been shopping for items to carry to Kyrgyzstan for him and the orphanage. My suitcase will weigh a ton of course but it will be worth it if I can leave him a few things in our absence. I have no clue how big he is now so we are having to carry 2 different sizes of clothes. His referral picture at 2 weeks showed a pretty good size newborn so I just don't know what size to carry. I will know in less than 3 weeks. YIPPEE!!!
Well another friend of mine got a referral for a baby girl. It seems the program is moving along pretty well these days. My dossier is on its way to the US Dept of State then on to the Embassy so not much longer. Hopefully this means my wait between trips will not be too long. I will just have to pray that the wait is short.