Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Little Man's room is almost ready!!

It has taken me forever but his room is almost done. I have managed to organize all of Lindzes clothes in order to make room for all of Little Man's stuff. His crib is completely done and my mother in law is working on his valance. Tom and I have been shopping for items to carry to Kyrgyzstan for him and the orphanage. My suitcase will weigh a ton of course but it will be worth it if I can leave him a few things in our absence. I have no clue how big he is now so we are having to carry 2 different sizes of clothes. His referral picture at 2 weeks showed a pretty good size newborn so I just don't know what size to carry. I will know in less than 3 weeks. YIPPEE!!!
Well another friend of mine got a referral for a baby girl. It seems the program is moving along pretty well these days. My dossier is on its way to the US Dept of State then on to the Embassy so not much longer. Hopefully this means my wait between trips will not be too long. I will just have to pray that the wait is short.

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Betsy said...

Pictures, please!!! I want to see Little Man's nursery :)