Monday, July 21, 2008

We're Here!!

Well we made it and let me tell you that flying that much is for the birds. Our flight from Nashville to Dulles was uneventful. Dulles airport obviously forgot to pay their electric bill as we sat and sweat for an hour. We then flew on United to London where Tom got to enjoy a wonderful meal that I have started calling the unknown meal because we still don't know what he was eating. We then had a 6 hour layover in Heathrow that turned into 2 additional hours sitting on the plane waiting for the wonderful food people to stock the plane. Then we had to wait our turn to take off. The only plus of that flight was we got to meet up with our travel buddies Betsy and Bryan. Anyway we were picked up at the airport and now are waiting for a phone call in order to go see Little man. The hotel is okay but we are having a few internet issues and the breakfast buffet has a few unknowns also but it was edible.
Anyway the next time I check in hopefully I can tell you a little bit about little man if we ever make it over there.

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Maria said...

I "got used to" the buffet at the Silk Road, but the first few days were odd. I actually ended up liking olives and pickles for breatfast. :-) Glad to know you are there and safe. Aren't those flights LONG??? I was just exhausted -- physically and emotionally. BUT... you are there and so close to your little guy! Can't wait to read about the first visit!!