Friday, July 25, 2008

Things I Miss

Everyday when we go out I think of all of the things I have been missing since we have been here. Here are just a few-
1. Lindze
2. Molly
3. Family and friends
4. My own Home
5. Seatbelts
6. Cinnamon dolce Latte from Starbucks
7. Having a converstion in Engish with someone other than Tom
8. american TV
9. My iphone(I cannot believe how naked I have felt without it)
10. Brushing my teeth with actual tap water
11. Foods we can pronounce
12. did I mention Lindze
13. Nana and PawPaw's bacon and biscuit
14. Cereal with normal skim milk not goats milk (I am dying for a bowl of raisin bran
15. McDonalds or Dunkin donuts (these are faves at work)
16. Talking to someone and not having to look at a translator for interpretation
These are just a few. When I come home the only thing I will be missing is Little Man and I will pray everyday that he is getting cared for and loved by someone until his mom and dad come back for him. I ask that everyone iclude him in your prayers until we get to come back for him. We see him for the last time today :( so tonight we will be getting our things together for the big journey home. We head out at 0415 so I hope to see everyone soon. Keep us in your prayers as we travel. Love to Lindze, family and friends. See you soon!!!!!!!!!!

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