Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back to Normal

We have been home for a couple of days and it has been great to be home but I miss Little Man so bad it hurts. The trip home was more than miserable. I ended up with a wonderful stomache virus on the first flight home which continued into the rest of the trip. We missed our connecting flight in London and I started wigging out that I could not miss seeing Lindze. Luckily our airline was able to get us on a later flight to Chicago then to Nashville so we got home 4 hours later than scheduled. Lindze was there at the airport to meet us and her smile was such a ray of sunshine after leaving Little Man behind.
We have settled back into our normal routine. Tom has gone back to work and I go back Friday night so I have a little more time to get over the trip. There are all kinds of rumors swirling regarding this new committee in Bishkek so I am not on the positive side that we will be going back for our return trip anytime soon. He turned 3 months on our last day there and I am sure I am going to miss his next few months. He cried on our last day when we were leaving and I just feel like he knew we were leaving him. I am sure he does not get held for 2-3 hours straight like we held him when we were there. I just hope and pray that he is getting good care while we are gone and that we see him very soon!


Anonymous said...

what sweet little hands...we all are hoping for a quick return and homecoming.

Monica said...

Hoping you do NOT get caught up in any delays because of that new committee. I'm praying that you get to go back SOON to bring him home.
Best wishes!!!

Allison said...

Love the picture! I know how hard it is to leave our little ones. It feels like a piece of our heart is missing and won't be complete until we pick them up. Praying your wait goes quickly and he is back in your arms soon!

Corinne said...

I am sure it is so hard to leave your little man.I am sure it will be so difficult to do myself. Hope you will be able to return soon to bring him home.Such a precious picture!