Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Got notified by Jackie that my dossier is finally at the Embassy. So we will see how long they are taking to process them. No new updates on Little Man so we will just have to carry all sizes of clothes for him and hope that something fits. Same thing goes for diapers. Just praying that he is healthy and being taken good care of. Looking at his picture just makes the longing worse. The day that I will be holding him is coming up soon.


Betsy said...

That's great! Glad to hear your dossier is at the Embassy. Ours is there but I haven't heard an update on how long it will take.

Are you getting visas at the airport in Bishkek or from the Kyrgyz Embassy beforehand?

Maria said...

Let Betsy know that getting them in Bishkek is $35 per person and easy (even in the middle of the night). I am excited for you to get there and see your little man!! I hope the JUDGE will have returned to Tokmok by then and has heard our cases. AHEM, that's another story. Have you started packing?