Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun Day #4

Today has been a fun day full of different activities. We started out going to the big department store called "Zoom" where we shopped for items for the kids. One level is like a giant flea market where you go from one area to another hoping to find a better price. We found a very cool handcarved picture with Kyrgyzstan's legendary hero carved in it. Our little man happens to have the legendary heroes name so we picked up several things with his picture on it. We bought Lindze a hand painted doll and a purse. We could have shopped for hours but we did not want to be late for our date with little man.
We got to the orphanage and little man had on 2 outfits, a hat and they made us put a blanket on him in order to take him outside. Poor little hot baby! He was fussy again so we rocked him to sleep and just watched him and he is so cute when he sleeps. They allowed us to feed him again which was a treat. He just watches you as you are feeding him. I really hope he knows how much we love him and how much we are going to miss him when we say good bye tomorrow. I imagine poor mommy is going to have tears again because we have no clue how long before we will see him again.
Tonight we went out to eat with a friend of our adoption agency coordinator from the states. He spoke no Engligh so his assistant who speaks a little English went also. We ate Korean food whereas we had no idea what the menu said so he ordered for us. Poor Tom who hates vegetables and weird plates was forced to eat the unknown in order to not offend. I myself thought it was delicious. A little bit of sushi and many other entrees. He then took us to see the Village of the Kyrgystan Legendary hero so we could take many many pictures. We got to see the mountains of Kyrgyzstan up close and it was a breathtaking experience. Oh and he also got us some traditional Kyrgystan hats which Tom has threatened to kill me if I post a picture of him in his. Quite hilarious!!!!
Well before I sign off for the day I once again want to ask for prayers for my travel buddies as they have had to make a very difficult decision this week. I will not go into any details but please keep them in your prayers.
Kisses and hugs from momma, daddy, and brother to Lulu.

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potts4tn said...

I know tomorrow will be hard for you to leave, I will be thinking of you and Tom. Betsy and Bryan are also in my prayers. Tell Tom I have a steak waiting for him at home....and a baseball cap...I spoke to Eveline today and she keeps me updated. (I've got to get a webcam:) PLEASE have a safe trip home and let me know that your back.