Saturday, October 24, 2009

Long Time

Haven't posted in a while. We went to the beach for 12 days and just got back last week. We had a great time. I spent a lot of my time in the condo because I just did not want to carry Gabe out in that heat. Tom spent more time out on the beach and at the pool with Lindze. Anyway back to life in cold Tennessee. Things have sort of settled around here with a little baby. Gabe is 14 weeks now and getting to be a big boy. Everyone calls him rotten because he knows my voice and wants mommy only to be holding him like all of the time. He smiles and coos all of the time. His big sister loves him to death and has become a great little helper lately. He is a dream come true. Our Little Miracle.
I go back to work on November 1st. BOOHOO!!! Tom and I have been discussing things lately and we came to the conclusion that I should give up my full time job and go prn so I will only be required to work every other weekend for now on. Children grow up too fast and I don't want to miss my last baby growing up on me. We are going to really have to watch our money now because I will be making less money due to less days.
We are working on some decisions regarding our Kyrgyzstan adoption and the end result I feel is going to be a sad one for us. I am tired of the battle of nothing ever happening and the stress it has brought into our life. I just want to say "we are complete" and not have to worry day in and day out about what we are going to hear next. I know if we move in one direction, I will always wonder "what If?" I just think that Gabriel was sent to us by God and maybe this was his message that it is okay to give up the fight. I don't know but I know we will be making our decision soon.
Anyway going to put my sweet boy to bed.