Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh How I Love This!!

Well Gabriel has been with us for almost a week Tuesday and other than sleep issues and a few tummy issues, things are great. He is just the sweetest boy God could have bestowed on us. We are still adjusting to having a child who cannot do anything on his own. Lindze is adjusting to not being the complete center of attention anymore and we have encountered more than enough jealousy issues but otherwise she loves her baby brother. I am extremely sleep deprived but as long as Gabriel and Lindze are doing okay, I am too. We are having a big "shindig" this Friday because he is "officially" ours physically and legally that day. He will have his official name by midweek and I cannot wait. We plan on taking him to his doctor this week for his first set of shots. Not looking forward to that. Well anyway I am going to put a few more pictures on here for you guys to enjoy. Got to try to put Gabe to bed.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well I am going to attempt to put a few pictures of Gabriel here for you. They are not the best pictures because he tends to avoid the camera. He is such a sweetie but today we have been having stomach issues so it has been a long crying day. He has just been so pitiful but right now he is sound asleep in my lap. I turned in my FMLA papers so me and the family will be hanging until I go back to work in November. I want to enjoy the first few months with Gabriel because he is the first baby we have ever had in the house. Well anyway I will keep you updated when Gabe allows.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Time Has Come

Okay all of you blogger buddies out there that have been kept waiting for so long.....the news is ....TADA.......We have a son!!!!!!! We have been working on a private adoption and went to court with several different players today and the birthparents signed the surrender papers in front of the judge today. On September 4th at 5PM he will be officially ours. He was born on July 9th and he is such an angel. Right now at this moment I have my Lindze in bed with me and our son Gabriel Hugh Lunn is laying in his little bed next to me. He is a blessing from above and I owe the great God above for this blessed miracle. I am sorry I have kept you guys waiting so long but we were afraid this day would never come and with our Little Man situation we just chose to not tell anyone. I promise to post pictures very very soon but this has been a very long day and I know Gabe will be waking up soon for another bottle so I am going to catch a catnap. Thanks for all of the good luck wishes and prayers from everyone.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hoping and Praying

Well tomorrow is the day when we find out if things in our new situation are going to work out. I have been worrying about this for what feels like forever. I am so tired of things not working out that certainly something good is going to happen. My Lindze has strep throat and we are trying to figure out out what to do with her tomorrow because nobody wants to watch a sick kid. I am already sick of kindergarten because it only took her one week to get something she has never had. Well anyway I just need lots of prayers that Tuesday goes well. I am so use to disappointment lately that I just need some positive thoughts to come my way.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Small Update

Well the meeting today went okay. There were a lot of people involved and most of them at this meeting were against us but we had a few surprises for them today that they were not expecting. If this goes well there are a lot of people out there that I am going to feel indebted to forever. Anyway 2 weeks from today will be the final decision. I am once again sorry that I keep teasing but it is for my benefit because if this falls apart I probably will to for a while. So anyway keep us in your thoughts and keep praying that we have good news in 2 weeks.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Meeting

Tomorrow we have to attend another meeting about the news I hope will be good soon. This has taken a lot of work lately to come all together but I am hoping to have a positive outlook after Tuesday. 2 weeks from tomorrow will be the final decision. Stress is not the word for my disposition lately. I have to say it has taken my mind off of the never ending Kyrgyzstan situation. So keep your fingers crossed and thanks for all of my blogging buddies comments lately. I hope to have good news to reveal soon...........