Friday, September 26, 2008

5 Months Today

Our Little Man turns 5 months old today. Happy Birthday sweet boy and hopefully mommy will see you very soon. We love you so very much and miss you more with each passing day.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baby Shower Part 2

Well the baby shower went great. There was tons of food and tons of people. It was a combination of my church, Toms's parents church and Tom's side of the family. Because they chose to have it on a weeknight due to my night shift schedule, people ate as they walked in and then I started unwrapping very soon after it started. I think it worked out well except right when I started unwrapping I asked my mother in law if she had a camera and next thing I know, no one had a camera. Can you believe it? No camera for the shower. My father in law was sent home and all he could locate was a disposable so sorry I will not be able to post actual pictures from the shower but I have gone and taken a few photos of some of the stuff he got. My sweet boy has a lot of people who just know a little of him who already love him. I have had to promise to make sure he comes to both churches so everyone can love on him when he gets here. I truly love all of our friends and family and appreciate them keeping our little man in their thoughts and prayers.
The attached pictures include a quilt made by a very special person in my life. The hat on Pooh's head was made by Lindze with the help of my mom. Isn't it just too cute? My best friend managed to get her hands on another Britax carseat because we needed one more. I also put some pictures of some of his winter outfits.

Baby Shower

Well Lindze and I are off to another baby shower for Little Man. She is so excited. She says she is going to help mommy open presents. I will try to post on what our sweet man gets when I get the chance. Well I got a little news regarding our Little Man today but unfortunately nothing can really be confirmed until the end of October so all I can say is pray that it goes well. I have been going from no news to bad news to good news so I don't want to get my heart set on anything but I can at least pray and keep my fingers crossed. I will be sure to update when I get an actual confirmation but like I said it might be a little while before I know for sure if anything has happened. Don't we all just love the world of International Adoption.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Still Waiting for News

I haven't posted in a while because not much has gone on lately. I hope to get new pictures of Little Man around the beginning of October if B is able. She said she was going to try. I haven't received any updates since C and J were there in August. I wonder how much he has grown. We still have a few more things to do with his nursery which of course includes Tom hanging those pictures still. We have a shower this Thursday night by my mother in laws family, her church and my church. I have been instructed to stop buying him clothes because of this shower, the last shower and the one my fellow nurses are giving me in October but how can I stop myself from buying such cute outfits when I see them (and at such great deals). I truly went overboard on him at the most recent consignment sale and I still have one more to go to. I will try to take a few pictures of his really cute outfits and post them when I get a chance.
We still do not know when we will actually travel but I have been given a "tentative" time frame. I will believe it when I see it. There is someone with the Tokmok court who is gone for a month so I think all of our paperwork will just sit until they come back. I have made no travel plans so until I do I will just assume that nothing is really happening. I just hope and pray that he gets good care when the weather cools down. I hope they have figured out a way to keep our kids warm in the coming month.
Well off to get ready for the day. Lindze is in dance class on Wednesday mornings so off I go to drag her out of bed. Keeping those who are traveling in the coming weeks in my prayers and hope you guys returning for your second trip enjoy your Gotcha Day.

Monday, September 15, 2008

3 Weeks until the Beach

Yippee! The countdown has begun until we take Miss Lindze to the beach. I wish we could be gone longer than 3 days but I am saving up vacation time in order to get paid for at least 3 of my 8 weeks of maternity leave with Little Man. We have not heard much of anything on the adoption front. Actually I don't think anyone is hearing much of anything right now. It is sort of like no ones dossier is getting processed in Kyrgyzstan at the present time. Anyway B is going to see her little boy in October and I am so hoping she can get updated pictures of our sweet boy. The last set we got was almost a month ago so I am looking forward to seeing how much he has grown.
We are almost finished setting up Little Mans room. I am waiting and have been waiting for Tom to hang a few pictures and then I just need to do a little bit of organizing. We have another baby shower next week so I guess I will have a few more things to put up after that and then his room should be set. I have cautioned people about getting him clothes because we do not know when he is coming home. I should talk after buying him like 10 outfits at the consignment sale last week but how could I resist when some of those outfits still had the original sales tag on them. I had decided unless I was taking him to church in his pj's that I probably needed to pick him up some cute dress outfits.
Anyway life is moving right along aroung here. Lindze has started dance class and of course she is totally loving it. It only lasts 6 weeks at a time and I have promised her that after her brother gets here, we will look into taking the year long dance class if she wants. She is really looking forward to her little brother coming home. Every night when she goes to bed, she always includes him in her bedtime prayer. I think she is going to make a great big sister. We have already bought them matching Christmas outfits and I cannot wait to get their picture taken together.
Well 4 more hours until my 3 day stretch at work is over and I can finally enjoy a good nights sleep and get back to my daily ritual of bothering J at our agency. Hoping and praying for the wellbeing of my son and all of those out there who are also waiting. Keep those candles lit!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Still Waiting

Well life is continuing in the Lunn household. Lindze is back in Mothers Day Out and I continue my daily e-mails to my coordinator to find out if there is any news. Next week Lindze will start back in dance class and she is so ready for that. We have decided that because nothing is going to happen soon with our adoption that we will go to the beach in early October (unless we have issues with all of these hurricanes that keep forming). Lindze is so hyped about playing on the beach and in the pool. We have not been on vacation since last October so I feel it is about time. We just decided we could not deprive Lindze of this just because we sit around waiting for something to happen when it probably will not.
Anyway next week I am participating in a consignment sale. I have decided to put all of Lindzes clothes since she was a year old in the consignment sale. That equals a lot of clothes. They completely fill up Little Mans closet from one side to the other. All of his stuff is in different stacks all over his room. I cannot wait to finally put his stuff up. We are hoping if we make anything that we can purchase stuff that we need for Little Man.
I am hoping and praying that something starts to happen in the next few weeks with Little Mans adoption but I guess we will see. I have heard that this winter Kyrgyzstan is planning on turning off the electricity for about 8 hours a day due to issues they are having. I cannot imagine my son laying in a crib with no heat and me not there to take care of him. I hope everyone keeps him and all of the other babies in their prayers and just know that God will protect each and everyone of them until we go back and pick them up.