Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baby Shower Part 2

Well the baby shower went great. There was tons of food and tons of people. It was a combination of my church, Toms's parents church and Tom's side of the family. Because they chose to have it on a weeknight due to my night shift schedule, people ate as they walked in and then I started unwrapping very soon after it started. I think it worked out well except right when I started unwrapping I asked my mother in law if she had a camera and next thing I know, no one had a camera. Can you believe it? No camera for the shower. My father in law was sent home and all he could locate was a disposable so sorry I will not be able to post actual pictures from the shower but I have gone and taken a few photos of some of the stuff he got. My sweet boy has a lot of people who just know a little of him who already love him. I have had to promise to make sure he comes to both churches so everyone can love on him when he gets here. I truly love all of our friends and family and appreciate them keeping our little man in their thoughts and prayers.
The attached pictures include a quilt made by a very special person in my life. The hat on Pooh's head was made by Lindze with the help of my mom. Isn't it just too cute? My best friend managed to get her hands on another Britax carseat because we needed one more. I also put some pictures of some of his winter outfits.

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Lori said...

That is going to be one decked out little boy! I LOVE the puppy sweater!