Thursday, July 26, 2012

44 Days

I have now waited 44 days since our dossier was logged in with China. The wait times have been varying from 41 days to 72 days in the past few months. Every day I hope and pray it is our day for that all famous LOA to arrive. I wish I could say I have patience but I have none left.  Some days I am just so excited knowing he is coming home to us. Other days I cry because I want him home now or I cry because I still mourn my little Manas that I lost in Kyrgyzstan.  All I have to say is when this is over I am done and maybe I will finally have some sense of peace that I have done all I can.  Please keep praying for my little Dane until we bring him home and say a little prayer for that beautiful soul still living in an orphanage in Kyrgyzstan.