Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Yesterday I received an e-mail from the National Visa Center that our letter had been cabled to China and they kindly sent me my PDF of it which I immediately sent to CCAI. Beth notified me that my Article 5 would be dropped off today and I should expect pick up during the week of October 15th.  Our next step will be waiting for Travel Approval which can take 2-4 weeks. I guess you could say we are finally moving right along. I am really praying for a speedy TA because I have in my head when I would like to go to China but I guess we will see.  We are coming my sweet boy....
 Tonight I work my last night of 4 long 12 hour nights and we leave on our first beach vacation in a year.  Can you say so ready to go?  I guess we will be staying pretty close to the condo as we are saving every dime we have for bringing Dane home.  If my mother in law had not paid for the condo we wouldn't be going anywhere.  A vacation for me is being off more than 4 nights in a row and actually sleeping at night for 10 nights. This night shift is kicking my tail.....
  Keep the prayers coming that we continue along with no more problems and that we get our little man home soon.........

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Monday we received I-800 approval so now we wait for it to arrive in the mail. I don't think we would have gotten this without our Senator's involvement so lesson learned.  When your agency asks you not to involve your Senator, this is advice you should not take because USCIS has to respond to them when they ask questions. Keep praying that our process speeds by so we can possibly be headed to China by the end of November.  Thanks for all of the prayers and encouragement over the last 4 weeks.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

And the wait continues.....

So no I-800 approval after my officer has had our paperwork for a week. We called on Thursday per our agencies suggestion after our Officer No Heart never returned any of my e-mails. He told my husband that it was on his desk and he would get to it in the order it came in. Excuse me!!  Our I-800 has been pending for a month thanks to his RFE and he is not in any rush. I decided to let CCAI know that he was sitting on it. Their advice.....call his supervisor. I also notified my Senator's office that USCIS was blowing us off.  On Friday while I was in class learning all there is to know about breastfeeding (insert sarcasm) my husband called twice to get in touch with a supervisor at the immigration office. What does my husband get in return?   A reaming out by two different employees....one was a woman who took it upon herself to let him know how busy they are to get to every case in a timely manner. Hey honey....It is your freakin job!!!!!!!  The second person was the acting supervisor who informed my hubby in an unkind manner that they are busy and that my husband calling to check on things is making things worse. Tom kept his cool (which is the reason he had to call) and explained how we had lost one son in a failed adoption and this was starting to feel like deja vu with all the delays and excuses.  This guy was extremely unsympathetic and basically said our agency should have never told us to call them.   Of course I am in class learning about boobies and he is texting me his experience on the phone. I of course lose it and e-mail my agency two different times letting them know how upset I am with them for putting us in this situation and how it is their job to fix this and that we will never call USCIS again but that they will because I expect answers and my husband did not deserve to be treated the way he was treated. Lets just say I got a voice mail and an e-mail pretty soon after that from my agency and how they were attempting to call the supervisor for us.  I think they can sense that I am about to snap. At the end of the day they finally called me back to say that they had heard nothing from the jerks at USCIS.  NADA!!
  One positive note in all of this...My Senator 's office did hear back from Officer No Heart on Friday where "he says" he is working on it but it is going to take longer than he expected so now we pray to hear something on Monday.  I should have listened to my many friends advice instead of my agencies advice and involved my Senator from the beginning because USCIS has to respond to them. Keep praying guys. We need all the prayers we can get.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


So we still wait for our jerk of an officer to approve our immigration paperwork. My agency can do nothing at this point. I am in limbo while everyone else who got their LOA's on the same day plus everyone after us has moved on. SICK is not the word for me right now. My head hurts, my stomach hurts and I am on edge every single minute of the day. This is unfair that I am at the mercy of an uncaring officer who is in no hurry whatsoever to approve me. He doesn't give a darn about these kids and needs to quit his job. Everyone talks about what a sweet officer they have and I have HIM. I am now expecting no travel this year because the holidays are coming up and I know that is going to jack EVERYTHING up!!!!!  I am screaming in my head everyday because I am so upset over this.  I am sorry for everyone around me because I am foul every freakin day!!!!  I am holding it together for the my babies at home but Lindze knows because every night after her prayer she says "mommy I am sorry you are upset".   Why the crap am I being held up by someone in our own dang country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!