Wednesday, September 12, 2012


So we still wait for our jerk of an officer to approve our immigration paperwork. My agency can do nothing at this point. I am in limbo while everyone else who got their LOA's on the same day plus everyone after us has moved on. SICK is not the word for me right now. My head hurts, my stomach hurts and I am on edge every single minute of the day. This is unfair that I am at the mercy of an uncaring officer who is in no hurry whatsoever to approve me. He doesn't give a darn about these kids and needs to quit his job. Everyone talks about what a sweet officer they have and I have HIM. I am now expecting no travel this year because the holidays are coming up and I know that is going to jack EVERYTHING up!!!!!  I am screaming in my head everyday because I am so upset over this.  I am sorry for everyone around me because I am foul every freakin day!!!!  I am holding it together for the my babies at home but Lindze knows because every night after her prayer she says "mommy I am sorry you are upset".   Why the crap am I being held up by someone in our own dang country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thompson's Journey said...

So sorry! Hang in there.. he can't hold you up forever and you will get there soon... I know my words don't help ease the anger, but know there are many out there praying to God to get your through this.

Jen said...

I am SO sorry that you are having to go through this. Truly praying for you to move forward with approval VERY SOON!!

Julie said...

Your not alone!!! I understand how you feel and I'm not moving on and we received our LOA's together.

I know how it feels to deal with others stupidity.

I'll be praying for both our families.

Christie Daniels said...

It will happen. I'm so glad you decided to involve your senator. Officer Unfriendly won't push his luck with someone who would help him into the unemployment line.