Monday, August 27, 2012


Updated amended home study plus extra paperwork and more money off to USCIS as of Friday. My agency has explained it may take a month to find out if our Officer No Heart will approve us this time. If he does,  CCAI guesstimates we will travel mid to late November. I am at the point of I got to see it to believe it.  We have to remember the holiday in early October and the trade fair that month as well so things are going to get behind because of that. I am also worried because MANY LOA's have been coming in and I'm afraid they are going to have a hard time getting consulate appointments for so many people.  Nothing would be better than not being able to travel on time because our US Consulate couldn't get us an appointment. I'm starting to notice a trend where all the delays are coming from the US side. It is obvious China wants these kids in families but the US is causing all the problems. Can you tell I am a little bit bitter these days:/
 So cross all fingers and toes that we can get immigration approval at a speedy rate so we can move on to the next step. Keep praying!


Shannon said...

This just makes me sick! What is wrong with OUR system?! Praying this gets resolved and you guys are on your way soon.

Julie said...

Tia......You have my prayers. Try to remember, God's perfect timing. I know you can't see it now, but God must have a reason.

Once you have Dane in your ARMS, all the frustration that we adoptive parent's endure will dissipate.

I really hope and pray, I will travel the same time as you.