Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two Months Old Today

Little Man is 2 months old today. Happy 2 month birthday. A little over 3 weeks and we will finally get to lay our eyes on our sweet little boy. They will probably be the longest days of my life. I have asked Jackie at ICF if she can get an update because we have heard nothing on him since we got our pictures and I just wanted to make sure he was doing okay.
We also celebrated our furry child Molly's birthday today. She turned 6 and she got new treats and new toys. I could swear that dog knew it was her birthday because she was so excited this morning.
Well I read on Betsys blog that she and her husband are leaving the exact day we are leaving and coming back on the same day. That would be wonderful if we were on the same flight. It is going to be great to share this experience with another family from the US.
Well short post this time because I am working on Little Mans room.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One More Month

Well in one more month Tom and I will be seeing our little man for the first time other than the picture we got at 2 weeks old. I cannot imagine how much he has changed. Another family from our agency is there now picking up their little boy and they were going to try to get an update for us or maybe even a picture. I have been told that the employees of the orphanage are very protective of the little ones so I may not get an updated picture. This has been the longest wait ever but it is almost over. I only hope that for our 2nd trip that we will not have to wait too long. We have known about little man since he was 4 days old and our agency wanted us to wait until he was almost 3 months old before we traveled. Time is truly dragging.
I found out today that Betsy and her husband are traveling the same time as us and that is very exciting news. I was so hoping that another family would be there when we were. She is even going to try to get a room at the Silk Road. I also read on Marias blog that she is going to get her little girl after all. This is truly a miracle from God. I am so excited for her and her family.
Tom and I went shopping today and picked up some things for little man. His room is far from ready as we are trying to get rid of 3.5 years worth of Lindzes clothes (that we were saving for our daughter from China). There really are no hand me downs for him as he would probably not look too good in pink and of course his daddy would throw a fit. When his room is ready, I will try to post a picture of it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

dossier done again

YIPPPEE!! My dossier (the updated one) is at my agency and is getting translated. I am now suppose to send off "dinero" for the US Dept of State and the Kyrgyz Embassy. I have not heard that the embassy is open but I am being told that my dossier is off to there next. I pray this means everything is on track for Tom and I to go back soon after our 1st trip to pick up little man.
I have been working vigorously on his room. I first have to get rid of 3 years worth of Lindzes clothes first. Who would have thought that a child could accumulate that many clothes in 3 .5 years. Well I have stacks to go to different areas. I am attempting to put stuff in consignment this year. Way too much work if I can say so myself. Heather is bringing by some stuff for little man that a family was getting rid of. I can't wait to see what she has.
Anyway I am keeping my 6 month old nephew today so I can get use to taking care of a child that young. Lindze was 1 when she came home so 6 months old are a little more work than she was. He is a sweet and happy baby so it truly has not been bad (minus all of those nasty diapers). I've only been checked on once by his parents which is a record compared to the at least 6 times they checked on my last time. Well gotta go check on Mr. Gavin.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hooray!! We finally have hotel reservations at the Silk Road Lodge. Things are finally starting to fall into place. We still have quite a wait before we go but at least we can be assured that all plans are made. Tom and I have started to buy a few things for our Little Man. It is hard to figure how big he will be when we visit and when he comes home but we are buying nonetheless. It is so strange to have a son yet him be so far away and all we can do is imagine how much he is growing and how much he has changed from his two week picture that we received. Well short post today! Off to get ready for swimming classes.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Well nothing much going on with the adoption. I did get my new documents notarized this weekend. I am so lucky to work with girls who are so willing to assist me with my papers. Anyway the embassy is still closed and now I am hearing that the agencies are going to have to get reaccredited with Kyrgyzstan. Of course just another holdup with the process.
I e-mailed Jackie and ask he if there were any updates on our little man and she said she would speak with Tatiana. He is one and a half months now. I wonder how he is doing. Is he getting held? How much has he grown? I cannot wait until the day I can hold him in my arms and tell him that his mom and dad are there. Until that day God will just watch and protect him for me.
Tonight during bathtime, Lindze said "momma I'm different from everyone". I asked what she meant and she said "I'm the only one with dark hair" and I told her that she would not be "different" for much longer and she said "because brother is coming home." I cannot wait until that day. Our forever family is almost complete!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Well as we can all tell from how long it has been since I was last here, I am not a big blogger. I love reading them but I just don't commit too well to mine. Anyway since the last time I was here, I have a referral for a sweet little boy. Little Man is a little over one month right now and Tom and I are traveling to see him in July. This wait is basically killing me but in between doing stuff with Lindze and getting travel plans made, I have plenty to do until we leave. We have made all of the flight plans and now we are stressing over where we are going to stay. I have talked to several people on the yahoo group so I have a few recommendations. I just freak out on making reservations on the internet. I told Tom we are going to end up sleeping on a park bench and he said we would find "a nice park bench if it came to that."
Anyway I heard from a friend of mine in Kyrgyzstan today that her baby has "an infectious disease" and she has had to turn her down as a referral. I pray that they make it through this okay because this is like the death of a child to those of us who have seen and held our child. It got me worrying about my little man and I called my coordinator at my agency and asked if his lab test could be done before we traveled and she said she would try. I just pray every day that he is healthy and being taken good care of and that he will be in my arms soon.
Well the embassy is till not open so all of us adopting are still playing the waiting game. I am still waiting for my FBI fingerprints to come in so I can finish my additional dossier paperwork.
Oh well the life of international adoption!!!!