Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hooray!! We finally have hotel reservations at the Silk Road Lodge. Things are finally starting to fall into place. We still have quite a wait before we go but at least we can be assured that all plans are made. Tom and I have started to buy a few things for our Little Man. It is hard to figure how big he will be when we visit and when he comes home but we are buying nonetheless. It is so strange to have a son yet him be so far away and all we can do is imagine how much he is growing and how much he has changed from his two week picture that we received. Well short post today! Off to get ready for swimming classes.

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Maria said...

Holy smokes, Christina. I didn't know you had a blog!! I'm so glad to find it and follow along. I knew you were travelling in July and am so excited for you. I'm glad to find this. I'll add you to my feed so when you post I'll know!! You'll enjoy the Silk Road. It's where we stayed. I hope you don't get room 31. If you do, make sure the air is working -- and not dripping all night. :-)