Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One More Month

Well in one more month Tom and I will be seeing our little man for the first time other than the picture we got at 2 weeks old. I cannot imagine how much he has changed. Another family from our agency is there now picking up their little boy and they were going to try to get an update for us or maybe even a picture. I have been told that the employees of the orphanage are very protective of the little ones so I may not get an updated picture. This has been the longest wait ever but it is almost over. I only hope that for our 2nd trip that we will not have to wait too long. We have known about little man since he was 4 days old and our agency wanted us to wait until he was almost 3 months old before we traveled. Time is truly dragging.
I found out today that Betsy and her husband are traveling the same time as us and that is very exciting news. I was so hoping that another family would be there when we were. She is even going to try to get a room at the Silk Road. I also read on Marias blog that she is going to get her little girl after all. This is truly a miracle from God. I am so excited for her and her family.
Tom and I went shopping today and picked up some things for little man. His room is far from ready as we are trying to get rid of 3.5 years worth of Lindzes clothes (that we were saving for our daughter from China). There really are no hand me downs for him as he would probably not look too good in pink and of course his daddy would throw a fit. When his room is ready, I will try to post a picture of it.

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