Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two Months Old Today

Little Man is 2 months old today. Happy 2 month birthday. A little over 3 weeks and we will finally get to lay our eyes on our sweet little boy. They will probably be the longest days of my life. I have asked Jackie at ICF if she can get an update because we have heard nothing on him since we got our pictures and I just wanted to make sure he was doing okay.
We also celebrated our furry child Molly's birthday today. She turned 6 and she got new treats and new toys. I could swear that dog knew it was her birthday because she was so excited this morning.
Well I read on Betsys blog that she and her husband are leaving the exact day we are leaving and coming back on the same day. That would be wonderful if we were on the same flight. It is going to be great to share this experience with another family from the US.
Well short post this time because I am working on Little Mans room.

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Betsy said...

I didn't know you had a blog!! So glad you left a comment on mine so I can catch up on how your process has gone.

We are flying British Airways from Houston to Heathrow and then flying out of Heathrow to Bishkek. I think our flight lands in Bishkek around 3:15 am. I'll e-mail you with exact details so we can see if we are on the same flight to Bishkek!!