Thursday, June 19, 2008

dossier done again

YIPPPEE!! My dossier (the updated one) is at my agency and is getting translated. I am now suppose to send off "dinero" for the US Dept of State and the Kyrgyz Embassy. I have not heard that the embassy is open but I am being told that my dossier is off to there next. I pray this means everything is on track for Tom and I to go back soon after our 1st trip to pick up little man.
I have been working vigorously on his room. I first have to get rid of 3 years worth of Lindzes clothes first. Who would have thought that a child could accumulate that many clothes in 3 .5 years. Well I have stacks to go to different areas. I am attempting to put stuff in consignment this year. Way too much work if I can say so myself. Heather is bringing by some stuff for little man that a family was getting rid of. I can't wait to see what she has.
Anyway I am keeping my 6 month old nephew today so I can get use to taking care of a child that young. Lindze was 1 when she came home so 6 months old are a little more work than she was. He is a sweet and happy baby so it truly has not been bad (minus all of those nasty diapers). I've only been checked on once by his parents which is a record compared to the at least 6 times they checked on my last time. Well gotta go check on Mr. Gavin.

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