Thursday, June 5, 2008

Well as we can all tell from how long it has been since I was last here, I am not a big blogger. I love reading them but I just don't commit too well to mine. Anyway since the last time I was here, I have a referral for a sweet little boy. Little Man is a little over one month right now and Tom and I are traveling to see him in July. This wait is basically killing me but in between doing stuff with Lindze and getting travel plans made, I have plenty to do until we leave. We have made all of the flight plans and now we are stressing over where we are going to stay. I have talked to several people on the yahoo group so I have a few recommendations. I just freak out on making reservations on the internet. I told Tom we are going to end up sleeping on a park bench and he said we would find "a nice park bench if it came to that."
Anyway I heard from a friend of mine in Kyrgyzstan today that her baby has "an infectious disease" and she has had to turn her down as a referral. I pray that they make it through this okay because this is like the death of a child to those of us who have seen and held our child. It got me worrying about my little man and I called my coordinator at my agency and asked if his lab test could be done before we traveled and she said she would try. I just pray every day that he is healthy and being taken good care of and that he will be in my arms soon.
Well the embassy is till not open so all of us adopting are still playing the waiting game. I am still waiting for my FBI fingerprints to come in so I can finish my additional dossier paperwork.
Oh well the life of international adoption!!!!

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