Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today a prayer was answered. We finally got 2 more pictures of little man and I have to say he is the most handsome little boy I have ever seen. I have been on cloud nine ever since this AM when I got them from Jackie. She is such a lifesaver. I have to say he has grown a ton. He has the fullest cheeks and the prettiest dark hair. Tom and I have decided that he has more hair than Lindze had at a year old. My family is over the moon that we have new pictures right before we leave to see him for the first time. We are having to rethink clothes for him for the trip because he seems to be a pretty good size little boy. I cannot wait to hold him for the first time.
Well the packing is stressing me out because it does not look like we are going to be able to get everything in our 2 checked bags. We are carrying some items to another baby who was just recently born for his parents who will not get to travel for a while. We have decided if we have to pay for another checked bag well so be it. As long as we can help out another baby we will do whatever we have to do.
Well only a few more days and we will finally be holding our son for the first time and I cannot wait. We are suppose to see him for the first time on Tuesday after we get a little nap from our flight. We will see him everyday until we leave on Sunday. We will be able to stay from 1-2 hours depending on the orphanage directors discretion.
TICK TOCK the clock is winding down until we leave!!!!!! Until then I will spend as much time as possible with my other sweetie Lindze.


Betsy said...

Christina that is awesome!! I am so glad you got more pictures of Little Man before we all leave on Trip 1. I can't wait to see him too. He sounds precious.

Wishing you all the best as you pack. I know how that goes...

Monica said...

Wow! How wonderful to get more pics now right before you get to travel. I bet you (and Betsy too!) are just SO excited. Wishing you a safe and easy journey!
Best wishes,

Corinne said...

Somehow surfed to your blog from other Kyrg blogs.You must be so very exited to go meet your son.Wishing you a wonderful and safe journey.