Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One More Week

One more week until we are holding Little Man for the first time. I so wonder how much he has changed since he was 2 weeks old. I think that the wait for him has been harder than the less than 2 month wait for Lindze. I knew Lindze was mine as soon as we received her picture. I guess with Lindze and the one trip I knew she was mine and that really nothing could go wrong. I have heard that with Kyrgyzstan a child could be claimed by their family even after we take the first trip. I am not saying that is bad for him but it would be devastating for my family after getting attached to just the picture we have now. I also cannot imagine how big a basket case I am going to be until we go back a second time to bring him home for good.

I am also doing a little freaking out in my head about traveling so far away from Lindze and leaving her for the first time ever. I am just going to pray everyday that she is safe and that we come home to her safely. She seems at the present time to be dealing well with us leaving
her and I hope that lasts until we say goodbye or momma here is going to fall apart too.

Well it looks like there will be some other families in Kyrgyzstan picking up their babies while we are there so hopefully we can get together one night or something. I think they are all staying at different hotels than us.

I need to get back to some fun fun packing now. I just ask that if anyone is reading this that they will pray for us in our travels and pray for little man and for his big sister that we are leaving behind with family.


Betsy said...

Good luck on all your packing! We can't wait to meet you guys and to experience this together!

Maria said...

And you know that I will pray for all of you.