Sunday, July 20, 2008

Countdown Until We Leave

It is 0215 and I am sitting here looking at the clock and thinking wow in 12 hours from now I will be in the air headed to see Little Man for the first time. Am I excited?? Beyond!! I have kind of had a permanent grin on my face all weekend at work when I think of seeing him. Tom and I still have a little packing to do when we get off from work this am but it is mainly trying to actually close the suitcase and making sure we don't exceed the weight limit set by the airlines.
I am going to try to post as much as we can when we have the time so bear with me. I just ask that everyone keeps us in their prayers during our journey and also keep little man and Lindze in your prayers. Lindze actually so far seems much better than I am. I am going to try to keep it together this morning when we say our goodbyes at least while I am around her. She will be okay once I am off because her Nana and PawPaw and Heather are going to keep her entertained while I am gone.
I will be sure to post and let everyone know that we arrived safely. Take care!

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Betsy said...

See you in London!!!!!!!!!!