Friday, August 8, 2008

"When are we going back?"

That has been the question of the day since we have been home. My original response was hopefully soon. With all the changes in Kyrgyzstan such as a new committee forming to look at dossiers and some new passport timeline, my new response is hopefully before Christmas. I figure that is the most pessimistic timeline but considering when we started our China process the wait was 12 months and we have now been waiting 2.5 years I might as well look at the dark side and not the bright side with this adoption too. It just rips a hole in me knowing Little Man is going to have to spend more months living in an orphanage instead of thriving with a family that loves and misses him so much. I cannot imagine how some of the other families who have been waiting months to bring their child home feels. I figure the only way to get through this wait is to put our trust in God and pray that with his guidance all of our babies will be coming home to us soon.
On a positive note some families returned earlier this week from Kyrgyzstan with their babies. Can't wait until they start posting pictures of their new arrivals. Also hoping and praying that a friend of mine went to court today and can hopefully be traveling in a couple of months.
Well insomnia has become my way of life since we have been home. I keep wondering if it is from the trip or from working night shift but my new wake up time is 2-3 AM and let me tell you there is nothing on TV at that time. The only good thing about it is I never get tired at work anymore. Hopefully my internal clock will straighten itself out soon so I can actually sleep when the sun is down but until then I guess I will have to function on about 3-4 hours of sleep.
Off to do clothes, cook supper and get ready for work.

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