Thursday, August 14, 2008

Waiting and Waiting

I have realized in the last few months that I am a very impatient person. I do not like to wait for anything. Hey, I have been waiting for our little Zoey from China for the past 2.5 years but waiting for Little Man for the past 3 months with I guess another 3 months to go has made me a very impatient person. I guess I am going to have to take a deep breath and just chill out. It is out of my hands at this point.
One really good thing I have to look forward to is that Cheri another PAP from my agency is going to visit her little boy next week so I am going to get updated pictures of little man. She is also going to take him some diapers for me. I sent her a care package today with winter outfits in it because I don't think we will be traveling until November so I wanted him to have some warm clothes. I cannot thank her enough for this. We carried a care package to her little boy in July. It is great to have other PAP who are so willing to help each other and be there for each other when we are having a crummy day.
My sister in laws thought I would potentially be going back to Kyrgyzstan in September as I was originally told might happen so they have planned a baby shower this weekend. They are so sweet to go to all of the trouble especially since I have to work both Sat and Sun nights so they are planning around my sleep schedule. They have assured me that it is going to be short and sweet as I can make it to work on time. I'll update later on on how it goes. We still have items from when Lindze was little but she came home at 1 year old so I am finding that I need items for little babies and of course for little boys. Our house right now is pink with tons of baby dolls. I think that Lindze has decided that her new little baby doll will be her brother. Poor little man!
Hopefully next time I update I will have better news other than no news regarding going back to get little man. As of now our dossier appears to still be somewhere at the embassy. I have heard that some families have gone to court and will be traveling in October to bring their sweet babies home. Congratulations to all of them!!!!

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