Monday, August 25, 2008

New Pictures Today

Got new pictures today of Little Man. Thanks a bunch goes out to Cheri and John who are visiting their little boy for the first time. Cheri said Bakyt our facilitator took the pictures and let me tell you he is no photographer so some of the pictures are kind of blurry. The ones with John holding him look pretty good. He just looks so sad in the pictures that it just broke my heart when I saw him. I miss his little smile and his beautiful little dimple and I saw none of that in these pictures. I wonder everyday how often he is getting held or even given any attention. I just want to get on a plane now and go and pick him up and tell him how much his mommy and daddy love him and miss him and want to bring him home. One positive note is Cheri has said that he seems very healthy so that is a small comfort that he is still thriving while living in the orphanage.
We are still not being given a definite date as to when we will be returning to bring him home. Jackie has said that the embassy for some reason is still holding our dossier so they seem to be one of our major hold ups. I figure no one is hearing anything from the Kyrgyzstan side of things and I know there are a ton of us waiting to go back for our pick up trip. It seems everybody in Kyrgyzstan likes to take tons of time off at the same time so nothing gets done which is such a downer because there are all of these beautiful babies on the other side of the world who are just waiting for "government figures" to come back and do their job so these kids can be brought home. I am just so frustrated at the whole situation. I will just keep on praying that something will progress so we and all of the other families can go back.


Maria said...

I know how bittersweet it is to get new pix. While you are so happy to see their face, it's sad to not BE there with them. Know that you are in my thoughts and my prayers almost every day as I pray for God to move the folks in Kyrg so that babies can come home!!

Betsy said...

I'm glad to hear you got new pictures although I know it's not the easiest thing. The pictures remind you that the love you have for them is so deep and that they SHOULD be home with you. Glad to see a post from you and thinking about you often... Hope all is well with Ms. Lindze too.