Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And now we wait

Today our article 5 was picked up and sent to the CCCWA in Beijing. We now will be waiting 2-4 weeks for our travel approval and of course I'm praying for 2 weeks so we can get peanut over the week of Thanksgiving.   I think we have just about everything bought for him that we really need. I cannot wait to get my arms around that sweet boy. I'm in love every time I see a picture of him. His big brother talks about him all the time and has been telling everyone at mothers day out about his baby brother. I think daddy is actually getting excited about finally getting him home. He has been out shopping for stuff for him by himself and actively participated in getting him some clothes while we were on vacation. We are so close sweet boy.
Found a few pictures of my sweet boy on facebook that were taken this past winter.  Ain't he cute!!!

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