Thursday, February 28, 2008

wasted day

Well I am sitting here listening to Lindze talk about any and everything. Lindze is my 4 year old daughter who thinks she is at least 10. Today has been a day of getting nothing done. My notary got held up at the doctors office so I was not able to get some of my documents notarized today. I just found out it is taking a month for the Kyrgyz embassy to work on each families documents which is definitely going to put us not making the April deadline which is a real bummer. My homestudy did not arrive in the mail so I could not send my paperwork to CIS. The only plus of the day is that my child is not sick anymore which is a blessing because I start my 3 night schedule at work on Friday and at least the babysitter won't have to deal with a sick kid anymore. Well off to work on more documents for my dossier!

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