Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Just wanted to wish all of you guys out there a Happy Halloween. I am going to make an extra special effort to enjoy it because of my sweet Lindze. I had thought there might "possibly" be a chance that we would be with Little Man during Halloween but we are not. Lindze is going to be Tinkerbell this year and she is too cute in her costume. I will try to post pictures at a later time. I got off the first four hours tonight in order to carry her trick or treating. She is so excited so it should be a fun night.
No further news on the adoption front so we will have to see what happens next week. Happy Halloween Little Man. We love you!

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Beth said...

I'll bet Lindze was the cutest Tinkerbell ever.! I have a good feeling about next week. I am hope hope hoping that things get moving next week. :) Stay positive! Sending *hugs*