Friday, September 2, 2011

Starting Over

So the new regulations have been signed in Kyrgyzstan. The MOU that the DOS has supposedly worked so hard on has apparently failed. My agency has to be reaccredited to adopt from Kyrgyzstan and supposedly we are being told they are only accepting 3 agencies from each country. I have to start over from scratch... update my homestudy, new I171H, new dossier, more fees for ICF to get reaccredited, possibly 2 more trips to Kyrgyzstan or a freaking long trip (leaving my babies here), finding enough people to watch my two kids while me and Tom are gone, a new job where I cannot get that much time off and of course the best of all not enough money to cover all of this. I love my boy Manas but this really is going to be so hard to fix:(


Jeanne said...

Very sorry to hear of this setback. I hope you will find a way, somehow.

Jes said...

Hang in there Tia! I'm right with you. Freaking out pretty much on a daily basis - how in the world will we ever come up with the $$ ... how the heck can we travel twice?? stay 45 days?? I feel so defeated :(