Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nothing New!

Well I have not felt like blogging lately due to the state of affairs with our adoption. The country we are dealing with have seemed fit to stall all of us parents out and make our babies stay in an orphanage until they I guess develop a heart enough to sign some letters. Pretty simple huh! Just sign the stinking letters. How hard can that really be to put your signature on a piece of paper!
Anyway if you can believe it, I am in a better mood than I have been for the past month. I am trying to maintain a Christmas spirit for Lindze's sake. I had hoped my son would be home by now but that is not to be. I am going to try to attach a few photos of my girl after her Christmas program today at church. She played one of the angels. She was so cute. If I get any good news I am sure I will get back to blogging regularly but until then I do not know.


Lori said...

I hear you on not feeling up to blogging based on what is going (or not going, really) on. It stinks, and I am sorry for the hurt you feel as you miss your son. My hope for you and so many others is soon!!! SOON!

Becky said...

Aw, she is beautiful!

Maria said...

I am still thinking of you regularly and hoping to hear good news after the first of the year. I cannot imagine how hard this is for you all. On the other hand, however, your daughter is absolutely beautiful. She SHOULD have been an angel. HUGS!!