Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today Tom and I celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. Of course we are both working nights so we will have to celebrate it next week sometime. He is a great husband and really puts up with a lot especially the last year with our K. adoption. I also want to wish Tom a happy birthday. Yes we got married on his birthday and it is a long story why but we did. I love you Tom and hope to spend forever with you.


Maria said...

Happy Anniversary you guys!!

Lori said...

Happy Anniversary! We got married on John's dad's birthday...ours was a long story as well, that really didn't involve anything other than our church STILL not being finished with renovations in time, but the big joke was that it was so John could always remember our anniversary...of course, it is also the anniversary of the Columbine shootings, Waco, day after Hitler's get the picture. LOTS of reminders!

Hope when you finally get to celebrate, it will be great!

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary to my longtime best buds & Happy bday bugger!!!
Since I am always behind, (a late blogger)HAPPY BDAY to my best bud TIA (JUNE 23rd)