Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meet Dane Lunn

Recently I was  looking at CCAI's list of waiting kids and this face caught my attention.  I opened up what my agency had about him and without asking my hubby asked to be sent his file.  The next morning I got an e-mail with pictures of this beautiful little boy. I casually mentioned him to Tom and then immediately got in touch with our MD who had been helping us with Alek Manas back in 2008.   This doc is great and had reviewed this little ones file by that night and called me from his home to review what he thought we would be facing if we adopted this little boy.  So then comes the part where I talk to Tom in detail about him. Hesitant is not the word but I gave him the weekend to think about it and I kept texting pictures of this little one to him while he was at work. My thinking is that with his diagnosis things could be fine or we could be facing lots of therapy and work but I just know this is my son.  Anyway we told the agency we wanted to adopt him and have done everything we have to do and now we wait on our LOA.  I should be sending my dossier to my agency today and hopefully it will be headed to China by maybe next week so now we just wait. We have been given the opportunity to support him while he is foster care so we will get updates on him as we wait. I am overly excited that the journey to complete our family is finally going to happen and all the heartbreak of the last 4 years might be eased by welcoming home Dane Lunn.


Corinne said...

He is adorable !!!Very happy for your family that another door has opened !! Wishing you a smooth and quick as possible journey to bring him home .

Michele said...

We are so happy for you guys. We have been praying for you for a long time. He looks like a cutie. Our prayers are with you.

Krissiem said...

Yup--that's SOOO the same lady!
Congrats on LID! We are hoping to travel in July to bring Kaylah home ;) SO happy for your family and cannot wait to see that little guy come into such a wonderful family!