Friday, June 15, 2012


  After months of paperwork our hard work has paid off and we start the countdown from 6/12/12 and pray we get our Letter of Acceptance in a reasonable timeframe because nothing would make me happier than to have Little Man home by Christmas. I do accept that this may not happen but a girl can dream.  I don't think anyone realizes my lack of patience after so many years of trying to complete a second international adoption.
  We haven't received any updates on Little Man since the April pictures but I've heard this can happen. We should get a little update on his size prior to travel. As we now support his foster family we may get little snippets on him over the next few months.  We are currently working on a care package for him but I'm doing a photo album so it is taking a little longer to get the package ready to go.
  So as my coffee fundraiser is not doing so well I getting ready to start a fundraiser through adoption bug. They have these very cute t-shirts so I'm hoping we can raise a little financial support there. Our Kyrgyzstan adoption completely wiped out our savings so we are trying to raise a little money before the big travel to China. It seems this is where the big financial part of our adoption occurs. We apparently make too much to apply for grants so fundraising it will be.   I have complete faith in God that this adoption will happen and we will be able to finance it.  Just keep praying for our Little Man as we wait to bring him home!!!

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